3G Publishing Inc. has created a unique niche in the independent self-publishing world. A fast growing boutique publishing company that encourages all age genres to utilize creativity, ideas and dreams through journaling and writing. What’s unique about 3G? The company’s founders believe in the impossible becoming possible! Everyone has a story to tell. Let us show you how to tell it!

Authors are presented at book signings, national book fairs, private and public venues. Online sales at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

Children’s Specialty Division
We aim to inspire, direct, and cultivate the relationship between a professional mentor for our children authors who wish to become a Teacher, CEO, Chef, Doctor, Ballerina, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Scientist, Archaeologist, Athlete or name your dream, we then craft their personal experience while being mentored into a published book to share with the world.

Myrna B. Lopez-Gale is the Founder and CEO of 3G Publishing, Inc. Her passion for children inspired her to develop a company that would keep the basics of reading, writing, and creativity a top priority for children, adolescents, and young adults. Ms. Gale previously worked in the legal environment for nearly three decades. Although her passion for the law remains, she is now combining her passion for children’s stories into her repertoire, bringing 3G Publishing, Inc. to a major success.

Renee M. Graham is Co-Founder and President of 3G Publishing, Inc. This is the third successful children’s based company that she has co-founded and developed. With a solid focus on effective business and legal communications, Ms. Graham has built a solid foundation in the areas of publishing, entertainment, and corporate legal affairs. Her acumen with contract negotiations has been the key to her success in co-founding the companies. Ms. Graham’s daily activities include the daily challenges of in-house business development, administrative legal affairs, and corporate structure for 3G.
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